Bernhard Zondek


Zondek studied in Berlin and received his doctorate here 1919. Subsequently, he worked as an assistant under Karl Franz at the Charité in Berlin, where he qualified in 1923. From 1926 he was associate professor of Berlin " Friedrich -Wilhelms " University. After the government takeover of the Nazis was Zondek gem on September 5, 1933 because of his Jewish origin. § 3 of the professional civil service law dismissed from the medical school. A year Zondek worked in Stockholm at the Biochemical Institute of the University, the Hans von Euler initiated. In 1934 he went to Palestine, where he at the Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem's Hebrew University as a university teacher and researcher worked until 1961. He died on a trip to New York.

Bernhard Zondek created in 1928 along with Selmar Aschheim the first test method for early pregnancy detection, the Aschheim- Zondek reaction.


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Pictures of Bernhard Zondek