Berovo ( Berowo pronounced macedonian Берово ) is a small town in the east of Republic of Macedonia. In the vicinity is the mountain Maleševo ​​. The city is the administrative seat of the homonymous Opština Berovo.


The population of the city is around 7,000.


Berovo lies to the east of the country, 15 km from the border with Bulgaria. Through the city runs the river Bregalnica. Berovo located 830-900 m above sea level. Known by the traditional woodworking and other craft skills, visit the city's many tourists. Widely known is also the Berovo cheese.


Monastery of the Holy Archangel Michael

The construction of the first monastery in Berovo began in 1815 until 1818, it then came to the inauguration. The reconnaissance Joachim Krcovski was present at the consecration of the building. Historical data relating to the building were lost for various reasons, but it is known that the builders had to contend with many difficulties.

At the beginning of the 19th century Berovo was a rural settlement with around two hundred houses and a small church. The population in the city built the church of stone blocks, soot and lime in just 40 days.


The first convent was built in 1940. The first nun was the daughter of the monk Risto, Eugenia.


Mayor of the city since 2009, Dragi Nadžinski.

Pictures of Berovo