Berry Islands

The Berry Islands are an entity belonging to the Bahamas island chain. Situated in the north-west of the catchment area of the Bahamas archipelago extends over some 78 km ². The archipelago consists of 30 islands and another 100 small cays ─ including Little Stirrup Cay and Great Stirrup Cay, the Norwegian Cruise Line are owned by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line or.


The largest island in the Berry Islands is about 31 km ² land area Great Harbour Cay, on which also the largest settlement of the islands, Bullock 's Harbour is located. In the harbor now live about 300 people. The Berry Islands were first inhabited by the Tumoroks and Libayan Indians who became extinct in the 16th century. The islands were uninhabited in a row to the 17th century. In between, the Berry Islands were used by pirates as a hiding place.

The islands are a paradise for anglers, boaters and divers.