As Berry is considered in botany a emerged from a single ovary indehiscent fruit in which the entire pericarp ( pericarp ) is also still juicy or at least fleshy at maturity.

Traditionally, and colloquially the term is otherwise occupied and is commonly used for small, sweet fruit. This meaning of the word is described with berry fruit.


The berry is often colored plump and strong. It is usually vielsamig, ie contains more than one seed.

If the hard outer layer, such as the pumpkin or cucumber, one also speaks of a tank berry. Does the flower several ovary, each of which forms a berry-like fruit, the result is a collection berry.


The berries include bananas, citrus fruits (eg lemon, orange ), dates, melons, kiwis, papayas, the fruit of many Solanaceae (eg, bell peppers, tomato, tamarillo, potato berry, eggplant, Black Nightshade, Bittersweet nightshade, belladonna ) and avocados.

Counter-examples in the soft fruit

In contrast, the following, for soft fruit counted fruits are not berries in the sense of Botany:

  • Strawberry, a collective nut fruit
  • Raspberry and blackberry are collecting drupes
  • Boysenberry and Loganberry are crosses between raspberry and blackberry
  • Elderberry, a drupe
  • Rowan, an apple fruit
  • Juniper berries are cones

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