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Location Berthelsdorf in Saxony

Berthelsdorf is a district of the East Saxon town of Herrnhut in the district of Görlitz. Until 31 December 2012 it formed a separate municipality and the district Rennersdorf / OL

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Berthelsdorf was first mentioned in 1317 as " Bertoldistorf ". It was created as Waldhufendorf with Gutsblöcken.

The name of the village was transformed over the years. Thus was first Bertoldisdorff occupied before 1408, the place is known as Bertoltsdorf 1390. After the years 1495 and 1678, in which the names and forms Bertelßdorff Bertels Dorff are the first time to find is 1719 for the first time a name without the letter "r" to find the first part of their name: bed Sindelsdorf. From 1791 on, however, the place is known as Berthelsdorf.

Even then, from 1777 he was a member of the Görlitz district. The counties changed over the 19th century, three more times, in 1843 Berthelsdorf was assigned to the district court district Lobau, 1856 the court office Herrnhut and 1875 the Amtshauptmannschaft Lobau. Only in the second half of the 20th century, this assignment changed again several times. Berthelsdorf 1952 first circle Lobau allocated before it was in 1994 the district of Lobau -Zittau and finally in 2008 the district of Görlitz subordinated administratively.

Rennersdorf was incorporated on 1 March 1994 after Berthelsdorf, for the beginning of 2000, part of the administrative community Herrnhut was. With effect from 1 January 2013, the inclusion of both locations were in the town of Herrnhut.

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The Berthelsdorf castle is also called " Zinzendorfschloss " named after Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von Zinzendorf, who came from the Austrian nobility ( nobility Zinzendorf ) and the Good Berthelsdorf had acquired in 1722 by his grandmother, Henriette Catharina von Gersdorff born Friesen. In the same year he took on Czech brothers and founded the colony of Herrnhut, from the Protestant Moravian Church, Moravian Church emerged.

The Zinzendorfschloss is restored for several years and rebuilt. An association created in 1998 club members from Germany, Switzerland and the U.S., the building and the associated area of ​​the old Zinzendorfschlosses in Berthelsdorf purchased to stop the impending expiry of the property, to restore the historic complex, and him a future use in sense of Zinzendorf supply ( exhibitions on questions of faith, spiritual concerts, meeting ).

As in almost all villages of the southern Upper Lusatia, the townscape is dominated by a variety of Umgebindehäusern. Particularly noteworthy are the houses named after Kaspar Schwenckfeld originating from Silesia faith community of Schwenkfeldians, where Count Zinzendorf in 1725 granted asylum in Berthelsdorf. The former church houses the pivot fields are located in the Upper Village Road 10 and 12 Both houses are now empty and dilapidated. Some of the pivot fields could Zinzendorf win for his community, others emigrated to America.


  • Karl Gustav Kreischer (1834-1891), professor of mining and processing customer
  • Martin Rade (1857-1940), professor of theology

The originating from the Thuringian August Gottlieb Spangenberg (1704-1792) joined around 1733 the Brethren and 1762 Zinzendorf's successor.