Berthold Seliger

Berthold Seliger ( born 1928 in Dauba, Bohemia ) is a German rocket engineer.

Seliger 1942 got a scholarship to the University of Mittweida in Saxony and was after completing his studies assistant to the famous aviation and space pioneer Eugen Sänger. In 1956 he moved to Orsoy on the Lower Rhine, where he opened a scooter shop.

From 1960, Seliger was a member of the German rocket society and founded a company in 1961 for the rocket, the Berthold Seliger Research and Development Company.

1962/63 started this company several missiles in Cuxhaven Wadden area, including a three-stage rocket with a maximum altitude of about 100 kilometers (first flight May 2, 1963). This was the only developed in post-war Germany missile that could advance to the edge of space. In December 1963 Seliger organized a demonstration militarily usable rockets before military representatives from non- NATO countries, which may have contributed to the halt of rocket experiments in Cuxhaven Wadden area in 1964.

1966 Seliger moped workshop was insolvent, and he disappeared " almost overnight " from Orsoy.