Beseritz ( 1236: Bezeriz, 1355: Byseritze ) is one of the smallest municipalities in Mecklenburg Lake District. It is administered by the Office Neverin based in the municipality of the same name.


The community Beseritz, located between the small towns of the Old Treptow and Friedland, is about 20 kilometers away from the county town of Neubrandenburg. The surroundings of Beseritz is characterized by the gently rippled surface of Werder. This moraine, lying on the several small endorheic lakes, is west, bounded north and east of Beseritz by around 30 meters below floodplain of the Little Country trench and the new agent or trench. The entire environment is influenced mainly by agriculture.


Already 946 emerged as the place Miceretz in a document on ( Foundation of the Diocese of Havel mountain). The latter interpretation is questionable, it is the terra Meseritz be meant. The first documentary mention as Beseritz dates from the year 1236. Beseritz was the capital of the country Beseritz, the Duke Wartislaw III. Pomeranian ceded with the countries Stargard and Wustrow in 1236 after the Treaty of Kremmen to the Margrave of Brandenburg.

1784 Johann August Schlettwein received († 1802) the estate, after his death it went to his daughter Ernestine FE († 1849), with the Johann Christoph Rodbertus († 1827) was married. 1849 inherited the daughter Mathilde, who was married to Franz HE von Lepel ( 1803-1877 ) on Good Wieck Gützkow. After Mathilde had paid her brother Karl Rodbertus from the proceeds of the Wieck Good, In 1854 their son Wilhelm Friedrich Karl von Lepel ( 1829-1886 ) the possession of Beseritz to. He was, however, in 1879 the estate in bankruptcy. The estate was sold to Count Arthur von Bernstorff, who had to renew it in 1880 after a total fire. The Bernstorff family remained until 1945 owned by Beseritz.


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  • Mansion Beseritz, a brick building erected in 1880 on field stone base
  • Feldsteinkirche Beseritz

Feldsteinkirche Beseritz

Transport links

There are good road links from Beseritz in the nearer cities Friedland and Neubrandenburg. The construction of the highway interchange near the neighboring village of Brunn end of 2002 Beseritz is only eight kilometers from the motorway 20.


  • Andreas Gottlieb Masch ( born December 5, 1724 in Beseritz, † October 26, 1807 in Neustrelitz ), superintendent of Mecklenburg -Strelitz and court preacher in Neustrelitz
  • Johann Christoph Rodbertus (1775-1827), legal scholar, lived from 1808 in Beseritz