Besim Kabashi

Besim Kabashi ( born February 27, 1976 in Istog, Kosovo, † December 4, 2011 in Munich) was a German - Kosovar kickboxers. It was between 2007 and 2011 under the training of the brothers Pavlica and Mladen Šteko twice European champion and four times world champion of the WKA. Shortly before a scheduled title defense at Circus Krone he was found on the night of 3rd to December 4th 2011 motionless in his Munich apartment and died at a hospital a short time later.

Kabashi counter at the time of his death, an investigation for aggravated assault of a meadow waiter was pending.

In his world championship fights as an enema Music Ata Po Flejnë ran the Albanian- Kosovar rock band Troy.

WKA World Championships ( Šteko 's Fight Night ) Besim Kabashi was dedicated on 16 December 2011 at the Munich Circus Krone. Christine Theiss (WKA World Champion ), Florian Pavic (WKA World Champion ) and all other fighters dedicated their win to the dead friend and companion Besim Kabashi. Florian Pavic wore it even on the T- shirt the portrait of the dead friend.

Racing career

Besim started at the age of 17 years with the kickboxing in the sport club Klein in Augsburg, initially without the knowledge of his parents, because they were not thrilled by his Kickboxing ambitions. The monthly contributions he financed with his apprentice salary.

Here he trained exclusively semi-contact. Because of his hard knocks he came, however, to realize that this is not the right thing for him was because he was disqualified again. In 1996 he moved into the Martial Arts Studio Augsburg, where he also switched to full contact kickboxing. He was also able to achieve his first successes.

Starting in 2002, then followed by two more martial arts schools with which, however, he could not celebrate the great successes desired. First he therefore made a break of five years, until he launched a fresh start in Munich Kampfsportschule Šteko in 2006. There the brothers Mladen and Pavlica Šteko from the beginning were convinced of his talent and trained him to their liking to martial arts.

After a year of training, he had to show for four fights four wins and a European champion. His athletic achievements were the four gained WKA World Championships between 2008 and 2011.


Pictures of Besim Kabashi