Possession (be ː ) is a municipality in the district of Ludwigsburg pleasure Parchim in Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is administered by the Office Boizenburg country located in the not office belonging to the city Boizenburg / Elbe.

The municipality is divided into the districts owned and Blücher.


The municipality is located in the west of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, north of the Elbe Valley Nature Park Mecklenburgisches. Through the municipal area the brews flowing and the Schaale. The Federal Highway 5 and the Hamburg-Berlin railway line run about four kilometers north of possession. The nearest railway station is located in the neighboring municipality Brahlstorf.


The name comes from the Old Slavic possession Bruti for hive and means Bienenstockort.

The first documentary mention of the place ownership dates from the year 1376. Finds, among other things, from the Neolithic and Bronze Age, but uses a much earlier settlement of the district. Between the castle lake and the river brews a castle " Nedderborg ", which has not survived, but from today announces a field name originated in the Slavic period. In 1500 there were in the village about 17 hooves and eight cottages, one of which was a jug and a forge. 1496 lived 115 inhabitants in possession. To suffer had the place during the Thirty Years' War, which brought about 20 percent population loss and waste places with him.

From traditions shows that the residents had to deal always with the flood. First regulation on the brews in the backwater area of ​​the Elbe, which should mitigate flood hazards, made ​​around 1830.

The place Blücher is a former estate village and was first mentioned by the name Bluggere in 1230 in Ratzeburg tithe register. The estate is considered to be the headquarters of the Slavic noble family von Blücher. The manor goes to an old castle back ( 12-13. Century), the moat is still present today. The manor house was built from material of construction from 1690 broken Renaissance castle Neuhaus / Elbe in 1703. 1702, it had acquired the kurhannoversche Major Victor von Zülow by the family of Dehn.


  • Village church and manor house in Blucher

Manor House in Blucher

The Schaale in Blucher

The monuments of the community are included in the list of monuments in possession (Mecklenburg).