Beth (song)


Beth is the title of a single by the hard rock band Kiss, which was released in September 1976 and the Billboard Hot 100 make it to seventh place. The song came from the album Destroyer, itself held 21 weeks in the charts and was the largest ever commercial success of the band.


Peter Criss, drummer for Kiss, had played 1970-1972 with Stan Penridge in the band Lips and written with Penridge numerous songs. One of the songs that they had written, said Beck. While working for Destroyer Criss brought the title, however, met with little response. Bob Ezrin edited the title with Criss; common they changed the text and orchestrated the song.

From the album Destroyer, which was published in March 1976, already three singles were up to September 1976 have been decoupled, all of which did not meet the expectations, the band and management had had after working with producer Bob Ezrin. It was the title Shout It Out Loud (March, 31st place ), Flaming Youth (June, 74th ) and Detroit Rock City ( September 44th). Beth was on the B-side of Detroit Rock City. After radio DJs were playing the ballad reinforced, the record company, Casablanca Records responded very quickly, released the title as a single, and the song reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100

Beth was admitted to the live program by Kiss; Criss sang the theme to a playback, there was no band- compatible arrangement of the title. It was not until 1995, when Kiss appeared on MTV Unplugged, the newly arranged song by the group itself has been played. Currently the title from live shows of Kiss is played by the whole group with acoustic instruments and sung by Eric Singer.

Cover versions

Beth was Technically gecovert several times, but always of artists that had to do with the origin of the song: When Kiss 1988 best-of album Smashes, thrashes & hits published, was it a re-recording of the title, however, does not here was sung by Peter Criss, Eric Carr of but - for the production of the vocal track of the song originally recorded in 1976 was only replaced by the version sung by Carr. The recording of his singing was in the same studio where Peter Criss had taken the title.

Peter Criss recorded the song himself once again refer to, namely 1993 's self-titled EP of his band Criss.

In the U.S. hit series " Glee" is "Beth" in the episode " A lot of theater! " Mark Salling and Cory Monteith also gecovert.