Beti-Pahuin peoples#Fang

The Fang are a common in Central Africa ethnic group mainly on the territories of Equatorial Guinea (80 % of the population ), Gabon (11.5% of the population) and - in small groups - in southern Cameroon (12 % of the population). Pangwe ( same name for Ethnienbezeichnung also catch) is the name given to the language of this group to be assigned to the family of Bantu languages.

The fishing had originally a monotheistic religion. At the beginning of the 20th century they were visited by Christian missionaries, whose teachings they built in their own faith. They were also heavily influenced by Mitsoghoglauben. Today most Christians fishing.

Fishing for their art, especially for carving and for the named after the name of notching web zither Mvet epic narrative tradition are known.

During colonial times, the fishing had its own currency, which was made of copper and iron. Today, they live mainly from cocoa farming and fishing.

Known member of the catch was the former President of Gabon, Léon M'ba.