Betty MacDonald

Betty Bard MacDonald (born 26 March 1908 in Boulder ( Colorado), † February 7, 1958 in Seattle ) was an American author. Among her best known works were The Egg and I and the Mrs. Piggle - Wiggle stories (Eng. Miss Poodle Dudel ).

In 1945 her first book, The Egg and I. It was sold within a year more than 1 million and 1947 film starring Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert in the lead roles under the same title. After the successful Ma and Pa Kettle movies emerged. The role of Ma Kettle played Marjorie Main, which was nominated for an Oscar in 1947.

As a further autobiographical novels followed Betty can do anything once the sun is shining again and the island and I, as well as the youth book hand in hand after the sun.

In 1996, the journalist interviewed Wolfgang Hampel family and friends of Betty MacDonald. The interviews were published by Betty MacDonald Fan Club on CD / DVD in 2009. Included in this is the only interview her youngest sister Alison Bard with many previously undocumented information about the life and work of the author.

Even today, Betty MacDonald is very popular all over the world. The Betty MacDonald Fan Club has members in over 20 countries.


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