BeWelcome is a hosted service and is operated by a non-profit organization. He is, according to the Argentine daily La Nación one of the four most popular hosts and services, according to The Guardian, one of the ten largest hosting services on the Internet. In February 2014, the organization consisted of more than 56,000 members in over 150 countries around the world.


The site was founded in February 2007 by volunteers another host service page ( Hospitality Club ). Reason for the re-establishment were different views on the legal status of non-profit and inconsistencies regarding the design.

Membership and functions

The core of the range is the exchange of hospitality. A member may at will offer a place to sleep - this is not absolutely necessary, but of course everyone is registered encouraged; a traveler can find or ask for a hotel as a guest. It can be used in addition to a search on lists of countries on a map. Membership is free and there are no further chargeable additional services offered. The site is funded entirely by donations.

The participants offer free accommodation or support travelers on their way through a local service. BeWelcome is the first host service that supports a thoroughly multi-language environment with multilingual profiles. The software behind the project, the BW - rox - platform, is free (GPL).


BeWelcome is managed entirely by volunteers, this work is done either in groups or on BeVolunteer. This organization is a behind BeWelcome in Rennes (France) registered nonprofit organization.