2 - [4 - (4- chlorobenzoyl ) phenoxy ]-2- methylpropionsäureisopropylester 2 - (4 - {2 - [( 4-chlorobenzoyl ) amino] ethyl} phenoxy) -2- methylpropionic acid (IUPAC)


White crystalline powder


  • Practically insoluble in water
  • Soluble in DMF and methanol


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Bezafibrate is a drug from the group of fibrates. It reduces triglycerides and low density lipoproteins and increases high-density lipoproteins. Boehringer Mannheim led to a drug in 1977.

Like other fibrates, bezafibrate acts as an agonist of peroxisome proliferator- activated receptor PPAR. According to some studies, it also influences the activity of PPAR and PPAR.

Common side effects loss of appetite belongs. There have been rare reports of myopathy, acute renal failure, dizziness, and cholestasis. In very rare cases have also been reported rhabdomyolysis, gallstones and blood disorders.