B&F Fk9

The B & F FK 9 is a very popular dreiachsgesteuertes microlight Speyer company B & F Technik Vertriebs GmbH. The shoulder wing in carbon fiber composite construction with steel pipe is now being produced in the fourth version. In the U.S., this version as Light Sport Aircraft to 540 kg (560 kg as a seaplane ) allowed.

Available is the aircraft with different engine variants 65-102 hp, the Wankel engine and the more usual 912 Rotax engine to smart motor ( lower consumption with slightly higher weight). As a German design from Peter Funk, the aircraft is manufactured in Poland and Brazil and has now spread throughout the world. It is used for cruising flight, the flight training and towing gliders or banners.

As a retrofit kit the smart equipment Ecofly offers a 60 - hp diesel engine with comparable torque, which is also derived from the Smart ( OM660 ).

Specifications B & F FK 9 Mark IV

Pictures of B&F Fk9