The abbreviation BFA stands for:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bahamas Football Association, the Football Association of the Bahamas
  • Bahrain Football Association, the Bahrain Football Association
  • Augsburg balloon factory
  • District Technical Committee
  • Barbados Football Association, the Football Association of Barbados
  • Bermuda Football Association, the Football Association of Bermuda
  • Black Forest Academy, International Boarding School of Janz Team
  • Botswana Football Association, the Football Association of Botswana
  • Federal Office for Foreign beings and asylum, an Austrian authority
  • Federal Finance Academy, an educational institution of the German Federal Ministry of Finance
  • Federal Finance Academy Austria, the educational institution of the Austrian Financial Management
  • Federal Research Centre
  • Brefeldin A, an antibiotic from the fungus Eupenicillium brefeldianum
  • Bremer Women's Committee, an umbrella organization of more than 40 women's organizations in Bremen
  • Bread for All, a Swiss donation organization based in Bern
  • Broadcasting Fee Association, the umbrella association of European broadcasting fees societies
  • Lignite fly ash
  • ISO 3166-1 alpha -3 code for Burkina Faso
  • Fire shutdown technical device for disconnection of a photovoltaic system in case of fire
  • Banco de Fomento Angola, an Angolan bank

The abbreviation stands for Federal Labour Office:

  • Federal Insurance Institute for Salaried Employees, today German Federal Pension Insurance
  • Vocational School for Assistant Jobs
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