BFW M.19

The Messerschmitt M 19 (also Bayerische Flugzeugwerke BFW M 19) is a sports aircraft of the German manufacturer Willy Messerschmitt.


The M 19 was developed for the Saxons Flight 1927 as competition aircraft and had in August 1927 Theo Croneiss on board its maiden flight. This machine (D -1206 ) crashed on the last day of the event starting on September 4, 1927. Since the ratio of payload was particularly valued at empty mass at Saxony flight, Messerschmitt was able to draw on the experience gained in the development of the M 17 and M 19 design a plane that due to its extreme lightweight construction with an empty weight of 138 kg with a payload of 198 kg competition won before the test flight. There but only two were built. As a derivative of the M 19 was founded in 1928 then the Messerschmitt M 23


The M 19 was a single-seat low -wing monoplane of wooden construction with fixed landing gear.