BFW M.27

The Messerschmitt M 27 was a sport and training aircraft, which was designed in 1931 by German aircraft designer Willy Messerschmitt and released by the Bayerische Flugzeugwerke.


The M 27 was created in 1931 as a further developed version of the M 23 This was originally designed as a competitive plane, but quickly found widespread use and achieved a number of remarkable achievements. The M 27 should build on this success.


M27 was built in two versions with different engines:

  • The three M 27a were equipped with a five-cylinder radial engine with 88 hp Siemens Sh13A.
  • The following M27b and M27b1 received an Argus As 8A engine with 120 hp


It was a sport aircraft in the form of a single-engine, two-seat low-wing cantilever and with fixed landing gear, a fabric-covered steel tube fuselage and wings made ​​of wood.