BFW M.35

The Messerschmitt M 35 was a sport aircraft that was designed in 1934 by the German aircraft designer Willy Messerschmitt.


The M 35 was created in 1933 as an aircraft for aerobatics. The first specimen (D - 2772 ) had in the spring of 1933 with the factory driver Erwin Aichele on board its first flight. There were two versions. From the M 35a, only three units were built, with the first two aircraft was equipped with an Argus As 8b engine and the last one with Argus As 17A. The M 35b possessed, however, a Siemens and Halske Sh 14A. Willi sturgeon and Vera Bissing made ​​this plane by winning numerous championships (for example, the German Aerobatic Championships in 1935 and 1936) known worldwide.


The M 35 was a single-engine, two-seat low -wing monoplane of mixed construction. The wings were designed as a two-part monospar wood wing with torsionally plywood nose, which was used on top of plywood to the spar and the rear wing was covered with fabric. When engine was among other things an Argus As 8B engine with 150 hp and a Siemens and Halske Sh 14A -4 with inverted carburetor for aerobatics used. The chassis with the clad wheels and air suspension came from the M 29 In competition, the front seat was covered.