BG Group

BG Group plc ( BG) is a British energy company with its headquarters in Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom. The company is listed in the FTSE 100.


The company was founded in February 1997, when the company British Gas plc split itself into two companies. The two new company called Centrica and ' BG plc ' ( renamed 1999: BG Group plc, plc = Public limited company). Outside the UK, BG Group has the right to use the company name " British Gas ", within the UK is the use of the company name the company Centrica to.

In 2000 a spin-off of a company division with the Lattice Group. While BG took over the gas fields and other values ​​, Lattice received the Corporate Division natural gas transportation. Lattice this took Transco. 2002 Lattice merged with the company National Grid.


BG 's main business is the search for natural gas. It has some natural gas pipelines and has equity interests in some power plants. The company operates worldwide, with only a small part of the activities carried out in the UK. The Brazilian oil and gas company Comgás belonged to April 1999 Brazilian state-owned operation Companhia Energética São Paulo ( CESP ). CESP was sold to the British energy company BG Group and the oil company Royal Dutch Shell.