Bharat Ratna

The Bharat Ratna, Jewel of India, is the highest civilian Merit in India and is only awarded in recognition of the highest merit. The medal with a diameter of 35 mm is wearing a sun plus the text Bharat Ratna in Devanagari ( Hindi and Others ). It is surrounded by a garland of flowers.

In 1954 the Order was awarded for the first time. He was previously not intended for posthumous awards ( which explains why he was not awarded to Mahatma Gandhi ), but this was later changed. First, it was intended only for Indians, but later received in 1980 the naturalized Mother Teresa and then two non- Indians, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan in 1988 and 1990, Nelson Mandela, the Order.

List of awardees


By 2014, the Order of 43 persons were awarded, of which 27 to politicians, five scientists, three singers, two musicians and six other people of different vocation. Nine people were posthumous awardees.

Awarded to non-Indians:

Awarded to Indian citizens who are not born in India today:

Award to date five women:

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