Position of the Bharathapuzha

The Bharathapuzha at Shoranur for monsoon season

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The Bharathapuzha ( Malayalam: ഭാരതപ്പുഴ Bhāratappuḻa [b ʱ a ː ː ɾat̪əp uɻa ]; Also: Ponnani ) is a river in the South Indian state of Kerala.

The 209 km long river originates at an altitude of 2461 m in the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu and flows through the districts of Palakkad and Malappuram, Ponnani before it empties into the Arabian Sea. The Bharathapuzha is dammed by six dams, two more plants are under construction. Mainly they are used for irrigation, there is also a project to supply drinking water.

He is also called the Nila river.