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Bhojpuri ( भोजपुरी Bhojpuri [b ʱ o ː dʒpʊri ː ] ) is a spoken mainly in eastern North India Indo-Aryan language of the language family. It belongs to the group of Bihari languages ​​, which are related to the Hindi language.

Dialects of Bhojpuri is spoken mainly in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This language area extends up to Bihar, Jharkhand, and the Purvanchal region. In southern Nepal along the Indian border which also has language communities of the Bhojpuri dialects. Through migration movements during the British colonial period there Bhojpuri - speakers among others in Mauritius. Bhojpuri consists of the dialects Nordbhojpuri, Südbhojpuri and Westbhojpuri. Grierson and Tiwari include Nagpuria to the dialects of Bhojpuri, Masica but speaks of a classification as a separate language.

Although seen linguistically Bihari constitutes a separate language group to be officially seen as dialects of Hindi in the socio-cultural context which included them languages ​​of the Indian government, like many other North Indian regional languages. In the areas bhojpurisprachigen Hindi serves as an official language and education; Bhojpuri is however quite used as a literary language, and there is a bhojpurisprachige film industry.

In the Indian census in 2001 gave 33 million people Bhojpuri as a native language. In Nepal Bhojpuri is spoken, according to the 2001 census, 1.7 million people. An additional 340,000 speakers live in Mauritius.