Bhrikuti ( Tib: bal mo bza khri btsun, also: lha gcig bza khri btsun ) was, according to the Tibetan tradition, a princess of the Nepalese Licchavi Kingdom, daughter of King Aṃshuvarmā. You should have been married in the 7th century AD next Wencheng to King Songtsen Gampo. According to tradition, was Bhrikuti - also known as " Besa " known - a staunch Buddhist. In iconography, she is usually depicted as an aspect of green Tara.

Buddha aspect

Bhrikuti, the yellow liberator, also goddess of frown ( Tibetan: Tonyer Chenma; Sanskrit: Vasudhara ) is a Buddha aspect.

According to legend, she was born from a frown Avalokiteshvara / Chenrezig and she embodies the aspect of Jähzorns. Frequently it is also considered the emanation of Amitabha, in both peaceful and wrathful aspects as well.

While it is regarded as Bodhisattva in Japan, it is in Tibetan Buddhism for the wrathful aspects of green Tara.

Their mantra is:

From followers of Tibetan Buddhism is warned against the use of mantras, when the practitioner still has no corresponding initiation or empowerment. Therefore, these mantras are also only mentioned in the ritual initiations and practiced with them.

It is, as usual, in Tibetan Buddhism, passed only by a lama by averaging or initiation. In Tibetan Buddhism, only mantra of Buddha aspects of the Lotus family without initiation or authorization be freely distributed. Therefore mantras are usually called only when the ritual initiations and practiced with them.


Bhrikuti is represented with yellow body color, or mehrköpfig and up to eight arms. Its main attributes are Kalasha, trident and Mala. In most cases, it has a head and four arms; the right holding a lotus flower and a rose branch, the left a trident and a vase. On her forehead she has the vertical wisdom eye.

  • As Khadivarani - Tara is represented seated, her hands holding the stem of a blue lotus,
  • As Vajra Tara with four heads and eight arms she holds Vajra, arrow, conch, lotus, bow, elephant skin and Mala,
  • And as Janguli - Tara with three heads and six arms she holds exclusively Tantric symbol in hands.