Bhuvan Shome

  • Utpal Dutt: Bhuvan Shome
  • Suhasini Mulay: Gauri
  • Sadhu Meher: Jadhav Patel (tickets Schaffner )
  • Amitabh Bachchan: Narrator
  • Shekhar Chatterjee
  • The Punya
  • Rochak Pandit

Bhuvan Shome (Hindi: भुवन सोम, Bhuvan Som ) is a Hindi comedy film directed by Mrinal Sen from 1969.


Bhuvan Shome is a lonely middle-aged widower and is committed to working as a state employee for the Indian Railways. He is also a strict and fanatical boss, who even did not shrink to fire his own son from the job.

The train conductor Jadhav Patel is concerned that Bhuvan Shome has announced his coming and he will get a bad report because of demanding bribes from passengers.

Shome want to travel to hunt to Saurashtra in Gujarat; not just big game, but birds. He does not have hands-on experience, but read about it. Four in the morning he gets up and traveling on the bullock cart in a local wild way to the remote hinterland. He survived an attack by a buffalo, which turns out in retrospect to be harmless, and makes the acquaintance of the village belle Gauri. When bird hunting he is not successful. Gauri gives him tips and helps him to duck hunting in the sand dunes Saurashtras. He succeeds at least to shoot a duck, he brings with him.

In Gauri's house, he discovers the photo of the Zugschaffners Patel and must learn disappointed that Gauri is engaged to him. His initial plan Patel to dismiss it discards finally, since Gauri has brought home to him the simple and happy life in the country and he does not want to frustrate a marriage of the two.

Thus, from the hard and fanatical Bhuvan Shome is a lovely person, the simple things in life now appreciate, thanks to the humbling but exhilarating experience one day.


Bhuvan Shome emerged after a short story by Bengali author Bonophul. The main character of the film is presented at the beginning of the film as a Bengali, who has spent most of his life outside of Bengal and yet retain Bengali habits. For illustration see pictures of Vivekananda and Rabindranath Thakur as well as footage of Satyajit Ray, Ravi Shankar and a political demonstration in Kolkata.

The film brought Mrinal Sen the final breakthrough as a director and was the debut of actress and documentary Suhasini Mulay and the cameraman KK Mahajan. Financed on a low budget of the Film Finance Corporation, Bhuvan Shome is considered the beginning of the " New Indian Cinema". Mrinal Sen described his film as Tati -inspired nonsense.


National Film Award (1970 )

  • National Film Award / Best Film of Mrinal Sen
  • National Film Award / Best Director of Mrinal Sen
  • National Film Award / Best Actor at Utpal Dutt