Bia River


The Bia is a river in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.


The source of the Bia is located in Ghana in the Western Region, about 45 km southwest of the city of Sunyani. The river flows roughly speaking mostly in a southerly direction, except for a section between 6 ° 17 ' and 6 ° north latitude, where the river has a reason southwestern direction. The Ghanaian- ivorianische limit exceeds the river south of the Bia - Tawaya National Park at 6 ° 5 ' 48 " N, 3 ° 5' 42" W6.0965277777778 - 3.0950833333333 before it finally empties into the Aby Lagoon, through which access is made to the Atlantic Ocean.

In the area of ​​the Ivory Coast Bia is dammed at hydroelectric as a water reservoir and for the purpose of generating energy through the Ayame Dam (5 ° 34 ' 56 "N, 3 ° 9' 30" W5.5822222222222 - 3.1583333333333 ) (near the eponymous town Ayame, 5 ° 35 'N, 3 ° 7' W5.5862222222222 - 3115 ).

The water flow is at the mouth of Bia on average 83 m3 / s


The dam and the hydroelectric power plant at Ayame were still being built in colonial times. 1959 is the power plant went with a capacity of 19,200 kW to the grid, the completion of the dam ( Ayame I) was, however, only in 1962, another dam ( Ayame II) was added in 1965.



In the river In the early 1960s 32 different fish species have been recorded.

Water quality

The pH value of the water at the mouth varies between 6.5 and 7.5.


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