Bialik Prize

The Bialik Prize for Children's Literature and Jewish Studies is a major literary prize, awarded since 1933 for authors in the field of Fiction and the Science of Judaism by the municipality of Tel Aviv- Jaffa in co-decision with the City Council of Tel Aviv. This year, the poet Chaim Nachman Bialik, for which the price was set as a gift and ceremony, celebrated his 60th birthday. Bialik had chosen since his immigration to Israel in Tel Aviv as the place of his work and influenced to a large extent its cultural life.

Statutes of the price

A) Purpose of the award: To promote the creation of Hebrew-speaking writers and researchers who live in the State of Israel.

B ) Type of award and date of delivery: The prizes will be awarded to the author of the most outstanding works that have been published in Hebrew in the last two years, according to the Jewish calendar. In the field of Fiction Three prizes will be awarded, one for children's literature. In the field of Jewish Studies two prizes will be awarded. The announcement of winners will take place in a ceremony near the Chaim Nachman Bialik after the birth of possibility.

C ) Award Ceremony: The jury has to discuss any price, is authorized to award the Prize not just for a single book, but also for the life's work of a writer or researcher. The prize can not be awarded twice to an author within ten years. The prize will not be awarded to those who won the Israel Prize. Is there view of the jury no literary work that deserves the Bialik Prize, she is entitled to the City Council to request postponement of the award that year. Find also in the following year no award- worthy books, the City Council receives the power of attorney to dedicate the prize to another literary foundation that supports Hebrew literature and its authors.

D) Prize money: The prize money amounts to 18,000 New Israeli Shekels - a sum that is updated from time to time in accordance with the budget of the city government in the corresponding year.