Bias (statistics)

A trend (English and bias) is a case of measurements in science, technology and business occurring, most disturbing systematic effect with a basic trend (increasing / decreasing).

The easiest way to determine a trend in a series of measurements, their graphical representation on the time or the measurement site. The more accurate the line horizontally ( or large dispersion around the point cloud ), the lower is an outstanding trend. A linear regression is usually the next step for analysis.


A trend is often caused by changes in external circumstances - such as in physics by rise in temperature, or GPS survey by solar activity and the ionosphere.


Disturbed series of measurements can be improved by more accurate modeling of the physical environment, by extending the measurements to other parameters, or by eliminating the systematic error sources through trend analysis corrected ( detrended ) or.

The methodology of trend analysis covers a variety of models and trend in the economic research chart analysis.