Bibliographisches Institut

The Bibliographic Institute is a German publisher based in Berlin, who belongs to the group of companies Cornelsen. He became known primarily through encyclopedias such as Meyers Lexicon as well as standard works of the German language as the dictionary. In the wake of the German division temporarily renamed as two publishers of the same name.

In the spring of 2013 the company moved from location Mannheim to Berlin -Alt- Treptow, which was announced in July 2012 by the owner Cornelsen took place.


The Bibliographic Institute was founded in 1826 by Joseph Meyer ( 1796-1856 ) as a publishing house in Gotha, later to Hildburghausen and eventually moved to Leipzig in 1874. By providing cheaper editions of the classics and new advertising and sales methods Meyer won new buyers and readership. In addition to the 52- volume " Great Conversations - Lexicon for the educated classes " ( 1840-1855 ) and Meyers encyclopedia published another series works as " Meyer's Universum ", " Meyers travel books ", " Meyers atlases ," Meyers classic editions, Meyers Orts- and transport lexicon, Sievers ' General Regional Geography and Brehm's Animal life. 1880, published by Konrad Duden " Orthographic Dictionary " formed the basis for a unified German spelling. 1915, the publishing house was converted into a public limited company.

Bibliographic Institute in the German Democratic Republic

After the expropriation of the GDR in 1946, the publisher was continued as VEB Bibliographic Institute Leipzig, officially nationalized on 1 July 1948 and converted into a state-owned enterprise, the production area was hived. To the classical divisions of the publishing house came more and more travel literature; in the 50 years the Bibliographic Institute Leipzig becoming the most important publisher of guidebooks and maps of the GDR. Widespread Popularity obtained the publication series Our little hiking book and The Good walking map; also issued, inter alia, road maps, home and hiking books, maps of Leipzig and a road atlas of Germany.

As part of the profile of the GDR in 1960, the publishers hiking maps were handed over to the VEB Map Verlag Berlin and 1963 the rest of the travel literature to the VEB FA Brockhaus Verlag Leipzig. 1964 Publisher encyclopedia was organizationally affiliated with the Bibliographic Institute, but remained legally independent.

The editors of the Encyclopedia VEB Bibliographical Institute gave the Meyers Lexicon series out further, including Meyers Lexikon, Meyers Lexicon Universal, Meyers Neues Lexikon, Meyers and Meyers Lexicon Little Hand dictionary.

Bibliographic Institute in the Federal Republic of Germany

1953 the former owners decided to move the seat of the corporation in the Federal Republic of Germany to Mannheim, which amounted to a start-up company. In 1984, the two West German publishers of encyclopedias, " F. A. Brockhaus "and" Bibliographical Institute AG "for the Bibliographical Institute & FA Brockhaus AG.

Fusion and present

After the reunification in 1990, the transformation of the East German publishing house in the Bibliographical Institute & Verlag GmbH Encyclopedia, 1991, the acquisition thereof by the Bibliographical Institute & FA Brockhaus AG. In 2003, the publishing group involved in the PAETEC textbook publisher that operates as Duden educational publishing since 2009. 2004 Haren mountain was taken Calendar and Lexikonverlag. End of 2008, the Bibliographic Institute withdrew with the brands Duden and Meyers in the field of lexical reference works and the Bibliographic Institute separated by FA Brockhaus AG. The Brockhaus publishing house came into the possession of the knowledge Media GmbH. The Brockhaus trademark rights were sold. In the spring of 2009, the Cornelsen Publishing Group acquired a majority stake Bibliographisches Institute of the Langenscheidt KG and the Brockhaus family.

After the last small shareholders were resigned, the company was converted into a limited liability company ( GmbH) in 2010. The remaining part of the company continues to this day as Bibliographical Institute. 2011 pooled the publisher the following brands Duden, Meyer and Sauerland.

Archives of the Bibliographical Institute ( before 1946 ), the VEB Bibliographical Institute ( 1946-1990 ) and the Bibliographical Institute & FA Brockhaus AG ( Leipzig, 1991-2009 ) located in stock 21094 Bibliographic Institute Leipzig in Saxony State Archives, State Archives Leipzig.

The children 's and youth book division was sold in early 2013 at the S. Fischer Verlag in Frankfurt am Main. After the extensive shift in the location of Berlin in the spring of 2013, which was associated with a workforce reduction, remained in Mannheim from originally 190 jobs, only the 20 work of the division language technology. In August 2013 it was announced that the field of language technology will be closed. The Mannheim archive of publishing products since 1848 was on 16 May 2013 as the gift to the Mannheim University Library.

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