Bidasoa River

The Bidasoa in Irun

The Bidasoa ( Spanish and Basque spelling) or Bidassoa (French) is a river in northern Spain. It rises east of the village in the municipality Errazu Baztan in Navarra and ends at Hondarribia (Gipuzkoa ) in the Bay of Txingudi in the Atlantic Ocean ( Bay of Biscay ). Its length is 66 km. From the source of the river to the village of Oronoz - Mugairi it is known as Río Baztán, from there as Bidasoa. The last 10 km of the river are the national border between Spain and France dar.

The Pheasant Island (Spanish Isla de los Faisanes, French Île des Faisans ) served in the lower part of the river as a neutral venue between Spain and France: in 1659 there peace of the Pyrenees was closed. Even today, the about 2,000 sq.m. Pheasant Island is the smallest condominium in the world, it is one of six months each year to France and Spain.