Bidirectional (disambiguation)

The bi-directional attribute indicates that a data transmission takes place in both directions, point to point. The term originally comes from the radio transmission, the same could be exchanged in both directions at the signals. Today the term is used primarily in data transmission, but it is also used as a description of a characteristic in the process of copying the genetic information carrier DNA replication.

Bidirectional interface

Can one with a data interface both received (receiver ) and send (transmitter), then this interface is bidirectional (transceiver). The opposite would be a unidirectional interface ( containing either receiver or transmitter).

Depending on the structure of the transceiver to be transmitted in both directions simultaneously, or in only one direction at the time is possible. If data are transferred at the same time in both directions on the same medium as a distinctive option is required (see full duplex mode ).

Simple physical interfaces that transmit the information using only one size ( for example, two different voltage levels ), often using time division multiplexing. Transmission is possible only in one direction at the time ( half duplex mode ).

A point-to - multipoint connection (Example conference call) is not referred to as bi-directional.

In a bidirectional ring, which connects a plurality of network nodes, the traffic normally is directed to both directions of a bi-directional cross connection opposite to the same network node. In case of failure in which a transmission path of the two turns, in the ring protection switching can take place, so that the interrupted signal passes through the ring in the other direction.

Printing Techniques

In printing technology in computer printers or other similar office machines, the term also refers to a method in which the printing unit to the paper label has both the outward and the return movement. The term is done by almost twice as fast as the unidirectional printing. However, the disadvantage here is often a vertical offset between the two rows that have been generated at a different pressure direction.

Plant and Switchgear

Motors are bidirectionally switched, when two or more motors with one another and not independently switched.

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