Bieber (Lahn)


The Bieber is a source of their nominal flow Strupbach 13.4 km, on their left and richer source river Dünsbergbach even 14.8 km long river in the northwest of the district of Gießen, Hesse means. It is the central flow of Krofdorf - Konigsberg Forst in southern Gladenbacher highlands and flows through the said ridge from the north in südsüdöstliche directions to open in Heuchelheim from the right in the Lahn.

The Bieber runs, apart from its mouth running in Heuchelheim, all in the municipality Biebertal, for which she was eponymous.


Quelläufe and upper reaches

The ( also: ) Strupbach springs per 1 km to the east of Hohensolms (municipality Hohenahr, Lahn -Dill -Kreis) and north of Königsberg in about 340 m above sea level. The brook touches on his way to the southeast, the sub - districts or farms Linde yards, slate and rubber Strupbach of on a mountain out outstanding core resort Königsberg, which is happening in just half a mile north-east from the hotel. The Strupbach approaching from the northeast of the country road 3474 and eventually flows together after 3.2 km by Dünsbergbach.

The Dünsbergbach, the longer (4.6 km) and also from the estuary forth greater ( 7.656 km ² vs. 4.352 km ²) source stream, rises over 1 km west-southwest of the local part Frankenbach in about 320 m altitude. He leaves his headwaters in southern directions through the saddle between the eponymous, 498 m high Dünsberg ( east ) and the 414 m high Helfholz ( west ), which is a whole encircled by the two source streams of Bieber from north to southwest.

The Bieber follows the L 3474 and further passes through the southern foot of the Dünsberges to finally leave the forest and also the Gladenbacher Bergland towards Giessen Lahntalhotel sink.


On his way to reach the south-southeast Rodheim Bieber - Bieber, where she now on the main road 3286 follows. The 4.6 km long Kehlbach, in addition to the two source streams the only significant tributary, flows coming from the left, from Fellingshausen. Its source is on the Ostfuße Dünsberges why he circles together with the middle reaches of Bieber and the Dünsbergbach this mountain about three quarters.

In Vetzberg the castle Vetzberg distance is about 1 km south-west happens to the southeast, the Gleiberg km in about 1.7 distance.

The achieved Bieber and flows through Heuchelheim, then joins to the south and from the right in the Lahn.