Bielice, Pyrzyce County

Bielice ( Beelitz German ) is a village and seat of the homonymous country church Gmina Bielice in Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It belongs to the powiat Pyrzycki ( Pomerania ).

Geographical location

Bielice is located on a quiet side street, the Gardno (Garden ) to the provincial roads 119 ( Radziszewo ( Retzowsfelde ) Gardno ) and 120 ( Gryfino ( Pommern ) - Kobylanka ( Kublank ) ) with line ( rope ) and Zabow ( Sabow ) on the country road 3 ( Świnoujście ( Świnoujście ) - Jakuszyce ( Jakobsthal ), here former German Empire road 112, today also European Route 65) connects. The county town of Pyrzyce ( Pomerania ) is 18 kilometers away, and after Gryfino on the Oder River is 21 kilometers.

A rail link no longer exists since 1996. Until then, and since 1898 the Pyritz tracks and the Polish State Railways had operated a small railway line from Pomerania to Klein Schönfeld ( Chwarstnica ).

Place name

The place name Beelitz occurs in Germany twice. The notation for the Pyritz Beelitz was Belitcze 1235, 1240 Beliz 1249 Belitz and then to 1945 Beelitz. The Polish name Bielice stands for a further 13 villages.


The small town of Beelitz belonged from 1816 to 1945 the district of Pomerania in the district of Stettin Prussian province of Pomerania. He was in the official and the civil registry district Old Falkenberg (now Polish: Chabowo ) eungegliedert.

In 1905 the village had 523 inhabitants, whose number rose to 575 to 1933 and 1939 to 579.

With the takeover of the village Beelitz under the name Bielice in 1945 by Poland, it became part of the powiat Pyrzycki in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship ( to 1998 Voivodeship Szczecin ). Bielice today has 560 inhabitants and is the seat of the municipality of the same country.


The Beelitzer population was predominantly Protestant denomination before 1945. The village was already before the Reformation branch municipality in the parish of Wartenberg (now Polish: Parsów ) and thus belonged to the church district Kolbatz ( Kołbacz ) in the ecclesiastical province of the Church of the Old Prussian Pomerania Union. For filial community Beelitz were a total of 570 members of the congregation in 1940.

Since 1945 lives almost exclusively Catholic population in Bielice. The church now bears the name Kościół pw Matki Boskiej Królowej Polski ( Mother of God, Queen of Poland ). Today the village is itself the seat of a parish, the deanery to Kołbacz ( Kolbatz ) is one of the Catholic Church in Poland in the Archdiocese of Szczecin - Pomerania. Protestant church members who live here will be looked after by the parish office in Szczecin, in the diocese of Breslau Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland.


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