The Bietschhorn seen from Hockenhorn from

The 3'934 m above sea level. M. high Bietschhorn is next to the Aletschhorn one of the most prominent peak in the southern Swiss canton of Valais to the corresponding part of the Bernese Alps. Earlier, it was also called " Nesthorn " in Loetschental. The north-eastern and southern slopes of the mountain are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Jungfrau-Aletsch- Bietschhorn.

It was first conquered on August 13, 1859 by the Englishman Leslie Stephen, along with its leaders Joseph Siegen, Siegen, Johann and Joseph Plane.

On the north side of the nest against the glacier flows from Loetschental. West of the nest glacier is the Bietschhornhütte, is usually addressed by the out of the mountain.

On the south side of the Bietschhorn Bietschtal and Baltschiedertal ranging from the alpine zone down into the Mediterranean embossed Rhône Valley. The south-facing Bietschgletscher is now heavily melted. The Baltschiedergletscher fed with his two glacier tongues the Baltschiederbach.

History and mountain hut

1233 was the Bietschhorn, ever, mentioned as the first mountain in the Swiss Alps in a purchase contract. In fact, it came to a meadow on the mountain, de Bietch. In the description of each Lender Cosmographia was first recorded in 1544 on a map. After awarded ascent attempts by locals and visitors, succeeded on August 13, 1859, the first ascent by Leslie Stephenund whose leaders Joseph and Johann victories and Joseph Plane over the Loetschental via Bietschjoch and the north ridge.

Having started so far at a woodcutter's hut in Nestelwald to 1,890 m, the Lehner hotelier and the mountain guide victories, built in 1871, still exists today Bietschhorn hut at the foot of the mountain sheep to 2,565 m. The hut consisted of a simple larch log cabin with eight beds. 1907 Bietschhorn hut for 3500 Fr was sold to the Academic Alpine Club of Bern. The AACB invested another 1000 Fr in the refuge. The property was built in 1908 for the first time extended to 12 and 1922 to 25 straw beds. The first rugs were doing until 1981 their service. The straw mattresses were replaced in 1968 by foam mattresses. In 1970 a total renovation.

The mountain has now been graced by four summit crosses. The first cross on the summit was on August 27, 1940 supported by locals on the summit and blessed by prior victories. The Association of Mountain Guides Loetschen created on 5 October 1968, the second cross, which was destroyed by the storm and wind. So the third summit cross was errichtetet on August 25, 1990, in which struck lightning. A metal cross was finally inaugurated at the cottage, on 17 July 2004 and later mounted on the top.