Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012

The BIGBANG Alive Tour is the first worldwide concert tour the K- pop band Big Bang. The seats at the concerts in Los Angeles, New Jersey, London, Tokyo and Peru are completely sold out.

The tour was attended by more than 800,000 people and had 48 concerts.


The British newspaper The Guardian called Big Bang's concert at Wembley Arena in London as a " fabulous spectacle."

" But there is one core difference, Which makes the show a fabulous spectacle - whatever Bieber and company do, Big Bang do with fluorescent bells on. The edges are crisp, the sound louder, the dancing sharper. "

" But with tubs of Brooklyn Lager and bottles of Hennessy backstage provided by the venue, it what clear did Regardless of whatever language theywere singing (or speaking ) in, the final American stop of BIGBANG 's Alive tour was a success for ave "

Recordings and broadcasts

The concert tour in Seoul was recorded and later on January 29, 2013 released as a live DVD entitled Alive Tour in Seoul. In Japan, the concert tour of Tokyo Broadcasting System aired.