Big five game

As Big Five (English for "big five" ) designated big-game hunter earlier five specific animals in Africa. He was referring to elephant, rhino ( black rhino, white rhino ), buffalo, lion and leopard. The selection was referring not primarily on the body size of the animals, but mainly to the difficulties and dangers in the hunt for them.

The " Big Five " can now be found for example in South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Tanzania and Botswana. Big Five Safaris are in those countries now mostly bloodless tourist activities in the "wilderness " are where the animals observed and photographed.

  • " The Big Five "

Black Rhinoceros ( Diceros bicornis), the more aggressive and earlier frequent type

African buffalo (Syncerus caffer )

Lion ( Panthera leo)

Leopard ( Panthera pardus )

Pictures of Big five game