Bigbang (Norwegian band)

BigBang is one of the most successful Norwegian rock bands of the 2000s.

Band History

The band was formed in 1992 in Oslo by the singer and guitarist Øystein Greni. After the successful skater who won the European Championship in Antwerp in 1991, was built as a professional by a knee injury a future in sports, he turned to music and joined with Christer Engen and Erik Tresselt together the band BigBang. Initially held their success is limited. Their self -produced debut album Waxed came in 1995 to little response. As Engen 1997, the punk band Turbonegro joined, BigBang was near the corner. 1999 also left Tresselt the band.

In the occupation Greni, Olaf Olsen and Nikolai Eilertsen Hængsle then, however, came in the same year of the breakthrough. In the by: Larm festival in Stavanger they laid out a compelling live performance, which earned them a record deal with the major label Warner. The EP Girl in Oslo brought them in spring 2000 with space 3 is the highest ranking in the Norwegian singles chart and stayed 13 weeks in the top 20 The following album Clouds Rolling By, the third band album, got the album Top 40 at # 2 a.

Your outstanding reputation as a live band they underlined in 2003 with the live album Radio Radio TV Sleep, which was not only her first number-one album, but is considered the most successful live album in Norway and has now reached platinum status. Although from 2004 repeatedly changed the bassist, the success of BigBang continued unabated. Every two years, released new albums, all of whom were able to place on the chart tip.

2008 Øystein Greni and colleagues took another step into the United States. A compilation of their previous repertoire was produced as an album under the title From Acid to Zen for the U.S. market and from Los Angeles they toured the States.

Since 2009 BigBang plays in the success of formation of the early 2000s along with Greni, Olsen and Eilertsen.

Band Members

  • Øystein Greni ( born June 15, 1976 in Oslo), guitarist, singer and songwriter
  • Olaf Olsen ( born August 8, 1976), drummer
  • Nikolai Eilertsen Hængsle (* June 24, 1978 in Skotselv ), bassist and keyboardist from 2004 to 2008 Member of The National Bank

Former members (selection)

  • Christer Engen, drummer (1992-1997) was from 1997 to 2008 a member of Turbonegro



  • Waxed (1995 )
  • Electric Psalm Book ( 1999)
  • Clouds Rolling By ( 2000)
  • Frontside Rock 'n ' Roll (2001)
  • Radio Radio TV Sleep (2003, live album )
  • Poetic Terrorism (2005)
  • Too Much Yang (2007)
  • Wild Bird (2007)
  • Something Special - The Best of BigBang (2007, Best-of- Album)
  • From Acid to Zen (2008, U.S. release )
  • Edendale (2009)
  • Epic Scrap Metal (2011)
  • The Oslo Bowl ( 2013)

Singles / EPs

  • Girl in Oslo EP ( 2000)
  • New Glow EP ( 2000)
  • Smiling For (2001, EP)
  • Not a Rolling Stone EP ( 2005)
  • I Do not Wanna (2007)
  • Swedish Television ( 2009)


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