Bigge (river)

The Bigge shortly before it flows into the Lenne


The Bigge rises some 125 m north of the border of North Rhine -Westphalia and Rhineland- Palatinate. Your source " Bigge source ", is located in the district of Olpe in the southern part of the natural Ebbegebirge. It is located near the south-eastern outskirts of Romans Hagen, a district in the south of the town of Wenden, at about 427 m above sea level. NN.

After flowing from Romans Hagen and after about 3 km long loop outside of the nature reserve by the Rhineland-Palatinate district of old churches Bigge reached almost 1 km south- southeast of the not of it carrying Heid ( to contact ) again the district of Olpe, in order henceforth to its confluence with north Rhine -Westphalia, and lost again in the Natural Park Ebbegebirge predominantly in the north.

After that flows through or passes the Bigge more Wendener community Parts: Rothemühle, after which the United Micke opens, Vahlberg, Brno and Wendenerhütte. Then it crosses the A45 direct then it passes through Wenden- Gerlingen to right after passing under the A 4.

After that flows through or passes the Bigge several districts of Olpe: In Saßmicke it is twice bypassed by the A45. By Friedrich Thal, Dahl and Rüblinghausen it reaches the Olper core city where the flowing river coming from the east Olpe opens, which is fed into the core city of the brook Günse.

Below Olpes flows through the Bigge of a common portion of the federal highways 54 and 55 bridged Bigge Reservoir, in the right at the beginning opens the coming from the west Brachtpe and the lie, for example Eichhagen and chartered. Just north Sonderns flows about from the west of the directly adjacent Listertalsperre an upcoming Lister.

Directly below the Bigge dam, which is about 2 km south-west of Attendorn, the Bigge absorbs the water flowing from the west of Ihne. After flowing through Attendorn it passes through the small Ahaus Reservoir, in the light coming from the northwest Milstenau flows.

Then the Bigge Heggen, a south-western part of the municipality of Finnentrop happens. Finally, it opens behind the level Ahausen on the southwestern edge of the core Finnentroper local to around 231 m above sea level. NN in the there is little larger and approach from the east flowing Lenne.


By the draining water from Bigge, who has an average discharge rate of 8.65 m³ / s, serve Bigge and Lenne Ruhrverband for controlled Wassersorgung of the Ruhr on the Ruhr, whose river system include both. The catchment area of ​​369.133 km ² comprises Bigge.