Bilbobus is the name of an inner-city bus company in Bilbao, Spain. The brand name of the company derives from the Basque name of the city of Bilbao from ( = Bilbo ).

The bus company owned by the city of Bilbao. The buses can be recognized by their red color with big white letters. 28 major bus routes are within the city of Bilbao in use. Eight other smaller lines ( Auzobus ) connect the city center with its immediate suburbs of Bilbao, in addition there are eight night lines ( Gautxori ).

Bilbobus has recently received an award from the European Union as an award for the best bus service. Bilbobus is a part of urban traffic network, whose other parts are operated by the Basque autonomous government. These include Bilbao Metro ( subway ) and EuskoTran ( tram Bilbao). There are good Umsteigeverbindungsmöglichkeiten with the regional or national towed nets of EuskoTren, the feve and Renfe.

Pictures of Bilbobus