• Roland Koch, CEO
  • Bernhard Walter, Chairman of the Board

Bilfinger SE is a publicly traded, international construction and services group, which is active in the areas of real estate, infrastructure and industrial services. By the fall of 2012, the company operated as Bilfinger Berger.

The company provides consulting, development, design, financing and turnkey construction through to maintenance and operation. Bilfinger holds the eighth place in the European ranking of construction companies. Bilfinger has for some years as a result of numerous acquisitions and sales not a classic construction company more, but above all providers of services for industrial plants, power stations and real estate. The company has provided about 80 percent of capacity in services in fiscal year 2010, the remaining 20 percent in the construction sector.


Bilfinger was established in 1975 by the merger of several construction companies whose historical roots date back to the year 1880. August Bernatz completed his first large project in the then German Lorraine. 1883 settled the Builder in Mannheim. From his company's Grün & Bilfinger AG emerged. The other forerunners of Bilfinger, Julius Berger Tiefbau AG and Berlinische ground Society, were both founded in 1890.

Dresdner Bank was involved in all three companies as a shareholder. Under the aegis of Jürgen Ponto, the later Spokesman, matured in the 1960s, the plan to create a large, internationally competitive construction company. The first step was the 1969 implemented merger of Julius Berger AG with Bauboag that had emerged from the soil Berlinischen Society. At this new company Grün & Bilfinger AG 1970 acquired a majority stake. In 1975, a merger took place on the Bilfinger Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft that changed in Bilfinger Berger AG as part of the strategic realignment to a service provider their company in 2001.

Bilfinger acquired on October 6, 2009, all shares of MCE participation Verwaltungs GmbH, Linz, Austria for 350 million euros. The companies of the MCE group at about 900 million euros turnover a profit of around 45 million euros, or 5% EBIT return on sales revenues in 2008, are as Bilfinger Industrial and Power Bilfinger the design, construction and maintenance of plants in the process industry and the energy oriented.

On 8 October 2010 Bilfinger changed the legal form of a joint stock company with European law (SE, Societas Europaea ). In March 2011, Bilfinger sold its Australian subsidiary Valemus Australia (formerly Bilfinger Berger Australia ) and thus further reduced the proportion of construction activities of consolidated sales.

In July 2011, the former Minister President of Hesse Roland Koch was successor to the former CEOs Herbert Bodner. In the fall of 2012, the company name was changed to Bilfinger.


In February 2010, the suspicion of fraud by employees of Bilfinger the construction of the north-south light rail in Cologne was loud. It was about the allegation of fake measurement protocols in the preparation of the slot walls at the pit as well as unincorporated parts of the steel reinforcement in the slot walls. The accusation was declared by Bilfinger on 24 February 2010 as applicable. End of February 2010 was followed by a suspected fake logs in the construction of the ICE line from Nuremberg to Munich and the metro construction in Dusseldorf.


In fiscal 2010, Bilfinger yielded a total capacity of 8.123 billion euros. Accounted for 2.932 billion euros in the industrial service, 1.106 billion euros at the power plant service, 2.333 billion euros on building and real estate services and 1.725 billion euros on the engineering. The operating result ( EBIT ) of the Company has increased to 343 million euros in 2010.


Bilfinger fit again in 2012 the segment structure, which is based since 2010 to the changing priorities of the Group's business. Currently there are nine direct subsidiaries, which are spread over five divisions.

Bodies of the Company

Board of Directors

  • Roland Koch (Chairman since 2011)
  • Joachim Müller ( since 2008)
  • Joachim Enenkel (since 2010)
  • Jochen Keys mountain ( since 2012 )
  • Pieter Koolen (since 2013)


  • Bernhard Walter ( Chairman)
  • Herbert Bodner ( since July 1, 2013)
  • Stephan Brückner (Vice Chairman since 21 May 2008)
  • Volker Böhme ( since 21 May 2008)
  • John Feldmann ( since 21 May 2008)
  • Lone Fønss Schrøder
  • Thomas Kern
  • Rainer Knerler
  • Thomas Pleines
  • Udo Stark
  • Holger Timmer
  • Klaus Truetzschler
  • Marek Wróbel

Former Manager

  • Jürgen Hambrecht (Supervisory Board until 21 May 2008)
  • Jürgen M. Schneider (Chairman from 1990 until 31 July 2009)
  • Herbert Bodner (Board since 1997, Chairman from 1999 to 2011 )


The company's stock is publicly traded under ISIN DE0005909006 of (WKN 590900 ) and is part of the MDAX.

Stand: 30 June 2013

Largest single shareholder Cevian Capital with 18.9%.

Major projects

  • Support the construction of a gas liquefaction plant in Norway
  • Construction phase of the Gotthard Base Tunnel
  • Turnkey construction of a district in Doha ( Qatar)
  • Planning, construction and operation of a correctional facility in Burg (near Magdeburg )
  • Financing, design, construction and operation of the motorway-like expansion of the southern end of the European Route 18 in Norway
  • Financing, design, construction and operation of the toll bridge Golden Ears Bridge including connection in Vancouver, Canada
  • Operation of the Commerzbank - Arena The Lanxess Arena and
  • Construction of the ship lift Niederfinow North
  • Renovation and conversion of Schloss Sunstone to the district administration office of the county Saxon Switzerland & Eastern Ore Mountains (2009-2012)
  • Construction of the north-south light rail in the center of Cologne
  • New tram line in Edinburgh ( Scotland)
  • Large-scale power plant in Mannheim Block 9 ( Germany )
  • Building project on the Federal Highway 1 (" Public Private Partnership ", together with Johann Bunte and John Laing plc; contract with the federal government was completed in 2008 ). Operating company is, inter alia, Founded by Bilfinger A1 mobil GmbH. The consortium formed will be responsible 30 years for the expansion and preservation of the six-lane extension of the A1 motorway between Hamburg and Bremen. For additional safety measures to prevent accidents in the construction areas, the federal government came up. In return, instead of the state, the private company network part of the revenue from the resulting truck toll (what is this share, subject to confidentiality ).
  • Construction of the metro line " Unter den Linden" in the center of Berlin