Bill Baxley

William Joseph "Bill" Baxley (born 27 June 1941 in Dothan, Alabama ) is an American politician and lawyer.

After Baxley had successfully completed at the Law School of the University of Alabama his studies, he became district attorney in 1966 in Houston County. He was only 25 years with the youngest holder of the office. In 1970 he was Attorney General of Alabama. In this office he pursued criminally, among other polluters and corrupt politicians. He had his most famous case, as in 1977 Robert Edward Chambliss, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, accused to whom the conduct of a bombing was accused at the Birmingham four African-American girls were killed in November 1963. Chambliss was sentenced to life imprisonment.

His highest political office held Baxley, when he was elected in 1982 to the Lieutenant Governor of Alabama. He had held that post a long legislative session. As almost all his predecessors Baxley is a member of the Democratic Party. His former wife Lucy Baxley - the couple divorced in 1987 - was 2003-2007 Deputy Governor of Alabama.