Bill Brack

William " Bill" Brack ( born December 26, 1935 in Toronto ) is a former Canadian race car driver.

William Brack was one of the best known drivers of Canada, from the late 1960s until the mid- 1970s. Brack drove into the popular Formula A and Formula B series this year. In addition, Brack was a successful participant in many sports car races for the brands Lotus, March and Chevron, more than two decades.

Three times Brack was in Formula 1, respectively at the Grand Prix of Canada, at the start. In 1968 he got from Colin Chapman a works car. However, brackish coincided with the Lotus 49 from by a defect in the drive shaft. In 1969 he got another trailer, this time a BRM P138. At the end brackish had ten laps behind the winner and was not classified. Brack was a guarantee for many viewers and therefore it mediated the organizers for the race in 1972 in Mosport again a factory BRM. Again, he had no luck and coincided with the BRM P180 after a spin early on from.