Bill Lawrence (TV producer)

Bill Lawrence ( born December 26, 1968 in Ridgefield, Connecticut when William Van Duzer Lawrence IV) is an American producer, screenwriter and director of television series.


Bill Lawrence was born 1968 in Ridgefield, Connecticut, where he spent most of his childhood. 1990 Lawrence graduated his studies in creative writing at the "College of William and Mary " in Williamsburg ( Virginia) with the goal of a career as a writer. Lawrence moved to California and began to write screenplays in order to earn his livelihood. A short time later, he received a contract with Jerry Seinfeld, who allowed him to take part decisively in series concepts.

Lawrence developed in 1996 with Michael J. Fox and Gary David Goldberg the hit series Spin City, and later wrote screenplays for The Nanny, Friends and Life and I. In 2001 he realized his idea of ​​a hospital - sitcom called Scrubs -.

On 27 November 1999, he married Christa Miller, who plays in the series Scrubs Jordan, the ex-wife of Dr. Cox. Since 2009, he produced the Cougar Town series in which she plays along well. Together they have three children.


As series creators, director and screenwriter

Guest appearances on Scrubs

When Isabella was born in the episode " My baby and his baby," he is sitting in the waiting room when Elliot says all that the baby in the world is. In " My Supporting Actor " he is at the Coffee Bucks, as Jordan to Dr. Mick Head says they hope he gets cancer from the sweetener. In the episode " My Bahamas 2 ", he takes as Van marriage ceremony. As J. D. at the end of the episode " My Finale" leaves the hospital, he played a janitor who removed the banner from the entrance. He wishes J. D. good night, as he sees it. In " My Future" one sees him in a dream sequence in the background with a teddy. In the wave he is the first male nurse with a red shirt.