Bill Rexford

Bill Rexford ( born March 14, 1927 in Conewango Valley, New York, † 18 April 1994) was an American NASCAR driver and champion in the Grand National Series in 1950.

Born in Conewango Valley Rexford first made a name for himself in touring car racing in the region. As the NASCAR Strictly Stock Series introduced in 1949, he took part in three races in the northeastern United States, with a third place was the best result.

In the season 1950 Rexford was one of two riders from the northern states in the renamed Grand National racing series. The other driver was his teammate Lloyd Moore. This year Rexford won his first and only NASCAR race of his career in Canfield, Ohio.

Towards the end of the season fought Rexford to the championship victory, whose output was largely decided by the pitch of the other title contenders. The two title contenders Fireball Roberts and Curtis Turner reached at the end of the season poor results. The third title candidate Lee Petty, however, has been penalized with a deduction of points from 809 points because he has competed in races other motor sports associations. The point deduction was the equivalent of about four or five wins third places.

At the last race of the season in Hillsboro, North Carolina had a Rexford narrow lead in the championship ahead of Roberts. The title he missed almost, when he retired with an early engine failure. Roberts would have a result in the top five passed in order to become champions. However, he drove aggressively, because he wanted to win the race. Less than 50 laps to go and Roberts retired with engine failure, which Rexford gave the title in the season 1950.

The following year, after the victory in the championship Rexford returned to the North East to further drive a car race. He stepped into the following still in a handful of major NASCAR races in the southeast and northeast. His victory in Canfield was the only one in the career as a NASCAR driver.

Rexford is with the 2006 level of the youngest driver ever to win the championship in the Cup series of NASCAR. Until the victory in the championship by Alan Kulwicki in the 1992 season he was the only rider from the northern United States, who won the championship. Rexford is the only champion of the Cup series, which was not included in 1998 in the NASCAR's 50 Greatest Drivers.