Billings Logan International Airport

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The Billings Logan International Airport ( IATA code: BIL, ICAO code: KBIL ) is a commercial airport in Billings, Montana in the United States of America. The catchment area of the airport includes, in addition Billings, Montana 's largest city, large parts of the south and southeast Montana and large parts of Wyoming. The airport has a Class C airspace.


The beginnings of flight operations in Billings are dated to the year 1912, when a local dentist flight tests with a self-built Curtiss 0 -X -5 took. In 1927 the construction of an airport, it was decided that would be suitable to handle regular air traffic. It was opened on May 29, 1928 the names Billings Municipal Airport. Its construction cost $ 5,000, the area was initially 400 acres, about 162 acres. 1933 Northwest Airlines began scheduled air service. Since then the airport has been further extended and technically renewed, most recently in 2003 a new control tower and other buildings were built for the Air Traffic Control. The airport has been renamed twice, the first time in 1957 in honor of the reigning until now manager of the airport, Dick Logan. The airport was renamed Billings Logan Field, which was amended in 1971 in Billings Logan International Airport.


In line flight, there are several connections to the nearest large hubs Airlines. The traditional links, which also have the largest passenger numbers, the United Airlines to its hub in Denver, Delta Air Lines to Salt Lake City and formerly of Northwest Airlines, now Delta Air Lines to Minneapolis. In addition, Billings is a hub of the Essential Air Service program of the U.S. government, under which flights are subsidized in very rural areas that would otherwise not be operated profitably. The routes are serviced by Great Lakes Airlines, a regional airline based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.