Billingsfors IK

Billingsfors IK is a Swedish football club based in Billingsfors. The association is especially known for it occupies the last place in the eternal table of Allsvenskan. The only Erstligamannschaft in the history of the league, the club without a win. Currently, the team plays in the eight-year Division 6


Billingsfors IK was founded on May 26, 1906. In 1928 the team was relegated for the first time on the third league, but had to accept the direct relegated again. 1931 managed to return and as the undisputed master even the walkover in the second division was done perfectly. Here, too, knew the team to convince and finished at the end of the first second-division season in third place in the relay Västra. In the following years, the club has established itself in the second division. In 1936 the team was winning season, failed to Ascension games to Allsvenskan in a third decision-making but at Malmö FF. In the following years it went slowly downhill and Billingfors IK found himself in a relegation battle again. In 1940 they finished with two points ahead of Jonsered IF the last non- relegation zone.

1943 succeeded Billingfors IK again a fourth place in the standings, one year later, the club was re- season winner. However, the team failed again in the rise of games. This time Landskrona BoIS sat down with 2:5 - 0:1 and victories by. 1946 could repeat the relay victory and revenge on Erstligaabsteiger Landskrona for the defeat two years earlier. In a necessary decision-making game, the club prevailed from Billingfors and rose to the Allsvenskan.

However, the Erstligasaison became a debacle for Billingfors IK. Throughout the season the team remained without a win, three draws could only be won during the season. This meant three points the worst performance of a team in the Swedish Elite Series. Also in the second division to Billingfors IK found directly in a relegation battle again. With two points ahead of Husqvarna IF, however, the class was held. 1949 took the team then only the last place in the standings and was passed the following year, even in the Viertklassigkeit.

1953 managed Billingfors IK return to the third tier and scraped as runner-up behind Karlstads BIK just wide of the walkover to the second division over. The crew sat in the front part of the table, the rise in the Division 2 succeeded, however, only at the end of the season 1959., The club found itself in a relegation battle again and had to leave the League in 1962 back down. In the following years, the team set out to lift the image of a team. The direct re-emergence followed the descent into the fourth division within two years. In 1968 there was even then in the fifth league, but the team managed the immediate resurgence. By 1975 Billingfors IK could hold in the fourth division the class, but then finished only eleventh place and were relegated again in the fifth division. Momentary succeeded in 1977 once again return to the fourth division, as a result, the club adopted, however, the higher-class Swedish football.

The 2007 season ended for Billingfors IK debacle, devoid of points and with 8:128 goals the team was Table Division 5 Dalsland and dismounted in the Achtklassigkeit.

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