Bina Rai

Bina Rai (real name: Krishna Malhotra, born Sarin, born July 13, 1931 † 6, 2009 in Mumbai, Maharashtra ) was an Indian actress.


Bina Rai, who was discovered while studying at Isabella Thoburn College in Lucknow by a talent competition was in 1951 in "Kali Ghata " her film debut at the side of Kishore Sahu, who was also the producer of the film.

1953, she played in the movie " Aurat " alongside her fellow actors Prem Nath ( " Barsaat ", " Teesri Manzil " ), who was a brother of the famous actor, director and producer Raj Kapoor. When she married Prem Nath shortly thereafter, she was even related by marriage to the influential in the Hindi film Kapoor family. Together with her husband played Bina Rai in some other film and founded with Prem Nath also her own production company, PN Films' with " Shagufa " the first film produced in 1954. The subsequent films " Samunder " and " Watan ", however, were less successful.

However, their biggest success they had on the side of Pradeep Kumar with whom she starred in " Anarkali " (1953) and 1963 in " Taj Mahal " was playing. For her role in " Ghunghat " (1960) she won the 1961 Filmfare Award for Best Actress and was able to push through to the other nominated Madhubala and Nutan.

Prem Kishen, the elder son of Bina Rai, who died of a cardiac arrest, has been the co-owner of the television production company, Cinevista 'is also in the film industry.