The fire horse or Fire Horse ( Bingwu (Chinese丙午, Pinyin bǐngwǔ ) ) is the 43rd year of the Chinese calendar ( see table). It is a term from the field of Chinese Astrology and refers to those lunar years, by a connection of the third heaven strain (丙, bǐng, element fire and yang) with the seventh earthly branch (午, wǔ ), symbolized by the horse (马/马, mǎ ) are characterized.

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According to the Chinese calendar enters such a connection every 60 years. The last fire horse year began in 1966 and lasted because of the deviation of the Chinese from the Gregorian calendar year from January 21, 1966 to 8 February 1967.

In the sphere of influence of Chinese astrology, which is now no longer confined to populations in East Asia, but has spread as a result of migration in the Western world, Fire horse - years are considered particularly event- prone in the good as well, especially in a bad sense, which is why, for example, the great earthquake in San Francisco was launched in 1906 with this constellation in conjunction.

After a traditional to today's popular imagination bring women who are born in a fire horse year, calamity upon his own family and that of her husband and therefore apply to marry as very serious. Therefore, a study by Kanae Kaku According occurred in Japan in 1966 to a significant increase in the abortion rate and the mortality rate female infanticide, which should be assessed as an indication of possible cases of motivated by this superstition infanticide.

Fire horse - years

In the Chinese calendar cycle is the year of the fire horse丙午the 43rd year. ( at the beginning of the year Wood Snake乙巳)