Biocon is an Indian, cancer and diabetes mellitus drugs biotechnology company based in Bangalore. It is measured by sales in 16th place worldwide, making it the largest in India.

Biocon specializes in cancer drugs and diabetes. In addition, the company expanded with the creation of subsidiaries Syngene ( Molecular Biotechnology and Synthetic Chemistry ) and Clingene ( Microbial fermentation, biodiversity, bioprocessing, Contract Research ) in other segments.

The company currently employs 2000 people, of which 10% of a doctor and 30% have a master's degree; 30 % are women and the average age is 28 years.


Biocon was founded in 1978 by Kiran Mazumdar - Shaw. With the IPO in 2004, it was called the Indian " Biotech Queen", the richest woman in India. Biocon is the second Indian company that has reached a market capitalization of more than one billion U.S. $. In 2007, Biocon has invested 170 million U.S. $ in new laboratory and production facilities at Bangalore location. The company is ISO 9001 certified.