Biotic Baking Brigade

The Biotic Baking Brigade ( abbreviated BBB, also pâtissiers sans Frontières, German "wedding cake without borders " ) is an international political group that has set itself the goal, upstanding individuals from politics and finance, ( rarely) from sports and art, with to throw pies ( Tortung ). Among their victims so far include San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, the economist Milton Friedman, Hilmar Kabas of the FPÖ ( Austria ), the American entrepreneur Bill Gates, and the CEO of Monsanto, Robert Shapiro.

By pelting of celebrity victims of the BBB to be ridiculed. According to the BBB, they should be brought back to a somewhat normal human level, to show that they are holding a cake like this are like the emperor without clothes.

The ideas of these actions seem to be partially mimicked by sympathizers of the BBB. A well-known motto is " cake instead of words ."

Critics accuse the BBB before lack of intellectual maturity in the political and social debate. In addition, the Tortungen also just seem to be acts of revenge for politically unpopular decisions made by any persons or for their basic political attitude occasionally.


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